Alison Slattery
principal photographer

Born & raised in Ireland, I knew I wanted to be a photographer my whole life. In fact, I listed it as my first choice future career in a school questionnaire when I was 16… but my guidance counselor talked me out of it saying I should be a teacher. So, I went to school to be a teacher, and for a few years, I taught in Seoul, South Korea and traveled all over East Asia. It was during those years  that I discovered non-Irish food and bought my first camera from a stall at Namdaemun Market. Nowadays, I'm usually found in a restaurant, camera in tow, fork in hand. I love using natural light for food photos & I make a great food tester!

None of this would have been possible without the trust and encouragement of one of Montreal's most influential food writers: the wonderful Elise Tastet of tastet.ca. She took a long shot and stuck with me while I scrambled (and continue to stumble) my way into food photography. Visit her site if you want to know what's good.

Farah Khan
photographer and creative director

I've wanted to be a food photographer ever since I saw a photo of a tomato in a magazine ad as a very small child living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Fast-forward 30-something years and a serendipitous meeting with the incredibly talented and insanely loyal Chef Derek Dammann, I get to travel and take photos of food for actual clients! 

In addition to collaborating with Alison, I'm the founder and principal at House9 Design—where the iconic sausage pig logo for Phill Viens was born!


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